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Mountain Range

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Communication technologies have advanced at a spectacular rate given that the telephone had only just been invented just over 100 years ago but the next, and most obvious change that has to happen in order for our species to evolve, is energy.


At ElecNet we are looking at ways to take the next step.


Imagine a world where manufacturers can determine and improve the efficiency of their products by accessing real world performance data of their appliances.


Or companies can provide maintenance services for Air Conditioners because faults have been detected before they occur.


Homeowners can benefit from added fire detection capability or improved home security measures which enables reduced Insurance premiums.


The elderly can stay in their own home longer because through monitoring of electrical usage we are able to detect irregular patterns of behaviour. 

And then imagine getting paid for the information you choose to release.


The next generation of how we consume energy is here and it needs to be made accessible for all.  By striving for low cost energy solutions that save you money and solve one of the biggest problems of our time is what ElecNet has set out to achieve.


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