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Resetting Fuse Box
Resetting Fuse Box

Hey There

If you're an Electrical Company and Install Switchboards all day long, then we want to talk to you.

The Smart Distribution Board is coming and getting ahead of the game by becoming a certified installer will add value to your customers.

Get in touch with us and let's see if we can work together.

All About Me

I'm an Electrician and I've been providing services to my customers for nearly 15 years.

I work with a pretty big team of guys and we're busy doing all kinds of projects from small flats to high rise buildings, from hospitals to hotels.

We pretty much do everything electrical and we've got some pretty smart guys doing comms work as well so lot's of Experience.

We're always looking for ways to up-skill and bring new value to our customers.  Setting ourselves apart from other companies like ours is good way for us to stay ahead of the game.

The Internet of Energy

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