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ElecNet Commences Singapore Operations

Press Release

Providing Deep Tech Solutions to Substantial Engineering Challenges

Singapore, January 11, 2022 Better known as THE Internet of Energy, ElecNet Pte. Ltd. a privately-held deep tech company engaged in researching, designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing, selling, licensing, and patenting proprietary intellectual property rights related to energy usage and improvement commenced operations in Singapore today.


ElecNet was formed to vastly improve energy usage and knowledge with the incorporation of, and the universal acceptance of its Advanced Volt Amperes electrical switchboard product offering (“AVA”).

AVA collects, monitors, evaluates and predicts energy usage, detects faulty and inefficient equipment and provides pre-emptive and early warning of hazardous and life-threatening situations with a special emphasis on aged care and calamity prevention for the overall betterment of the general public.

AVA can even detect fires before they occur and warn those who might be effected.

An Order of Magnitude Better

Many falsely claim to have invented the first major innovation in electrical switchboards in the last 100 years; at best, their products are mere cosmetic changes to, and enhancements of, existing technology; what is true is that each and every building in the world has many electrical switchboards in them.

Universally applicable AVA is technically an order of magnitude better than recently launched competitive products which primarily manage the relationship between solar energy collection, batteries and loads in the relatively limited market of high-end homes; they falsely boast of having “reinvented the hundred year old electric panel”

Through technical superiority and price attractiveness (the AVA SMART device is the same price, or cheaper than competitive DUMB products) ElecNet is set to become the undisputed revenue leader of the electrical switchboard marketplace; which has a CAGR of 15.5% and is projected to generate sales of $ 95.78 Billion in 2023.

ElecNet’s powerful AI detection technology and algorithms capability (the result of an exclusive technical cooperation with CSIRO, the inventors of the 802.11 technology which has generated in excess of $500 Million of income) allows it to depersonalize and monetise the AVA raw data collected providing valuable and bankable statistical and predictive insight into the most sensitive of data collected; there is an unfilled market demand from those who commercially sell electrical products for such high quality, in-depth information, which until now, there was no source for.

Now Power has a Fingerprint !

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