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Dive Into the New Age of Electrical Energy

Our Products and Services

AVA Data Acquisition Products

The electrical switchboard hasn't changed in 100 years.  Contact us for information on our products to suit every industry.

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UI/UX Products

With so much data, comes so many uses.  From Aged Care services to Industrial critical equipment monitoring, ask us how we can support.

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Critical Alerts and Systems Integration

Using proprietary machine learning and behavioural recognition, AVA sends alerts for anomalies in equipment and human activities.  The open source architecture of the AVA API enables thrid party integration for enhanced capabilities in facility management.

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Data Mining and Asset Management

Operating characteristics of equipment and assets provides invaluable information to both building owners and OEM's alike.  Global comparison data and performance is how we enable improved efficiency in energy infrastructure.

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We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Turbo charge your building management systems with AVA.  Ask us how.