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A New Energy Economy

The electricity that flows through wires contains patterns and signatures that represent what is happening in a building.  When properly tapped into, we can derive valuable insights and opportunities to make improvements in efficiency, in safety, comfort and a more connected world.


Both electrical equipment and human occupancy is all reflected in the wiring system of a building and AVA can detect it.  This new and unprecedented depth of information and knowledge provides us with the backbone of data that we need to manage our occupancy on Earth.


ElecNet products and services sits directly at the core of how our world is transforming into a digital economy.  Cities around the world are seeking to drive change by supporting the implementation of technologies that connect everything and everyone together.

Much like the internet, if you were to try to describe what it was to someone 30 years ago, it would be a difficult concept to grasp, and how much it will affect their life in the future.  The Smart Switchboard will sit at the core of what can be considered ‘The Internet of Energy’.

The extraction of data at a city-wide level opens possibilities that were previously unavailable in energy efficiency, and public health and safety because the way we consume energy is still not acceptable and steps need to be taken to address this problem.

Much like Google, who claim to organise the World’s information and make it useful, we strive to collate our energy information which can be encapsulated by the mission statement:

'Organising the World's Energy for the Benefit of People and Planet'

With a comprehensive new data set of this kind of information, it is then possible to provide a host of services across many industries, all dedicated to the improvement of people’s lives and for the benefit of the environment:

- Public housing will have a new layer of safety incorporated into buildings because of the in-built fire prevention capability (Grenfell would not happen).

- Insurance Companies will provide reduced premiums, not just because of fire detection, but because they can mitigate false claims with better appliance management.


- Energy Companies will provide new value-added services to help reduce your energy spend.


- Aged care services will be able to improve their capabilities because the Smart Switchboard learns patterns of Human Behaviour and reports on anomalies.


- Appliance manufacturers will have greater insights into how their products are performing and ensure quality is maintained.


- Occupants will be able to understand their energy usage at a detailed and granular level


- Electrical Contractors will add Smart Switchboard Installation as another of their services.


- Appliance and A/C companies will provide maintenance services to help manage and improve energy efficiency for their customers.

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The Internet of Energy

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