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Cloud Based, AI Assisted, Next Generation Switchboards

THE Internet of Energy


Let your energy change the world

Embedded in  your energy is a vast amount of information that can be used for good.

Now power has a fingerprint

Every building, every appliance, every action, all unique, all learned by AVA. 

Energy is everywhere

A rich source of untapped data, never before mined. Until now.

AI and Energy

Uncovered and analysed, energy is brought to life  and into the 21st Century.

Your data, your choice

It's not the property of the energy companies, it's yours to discover value.

Watch how AVA works

The electricity that flows through wires contains patterns and signatures that represent what is happening in a building.  When properly tapped into, we can derive valuable insights and opportunities to make improvements in efficiency, in public safety, comfort and a more connected world.


Both electrical equipment and human occupancy is all reflected in the wiring system of a building and AVA can detect it. 


ElecNet products and services sits directly at the core of how our world is transforming into a digital economy.  Cities around the world are seeking to drive change by supporting the implementation of technologies that connect everything and everyone together

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We Take Pride in Our Numbers


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Putting AVA in your building will bring new levels of security, efficiency and safety to your life and bring you closer to supporting your planet.

Are You Ready to Connect?