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Assisted Living

Age in Place with AVA - The Smart Switchboard
Brings higher care home
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Ageing in Place

With advances in medicine and a greater understanding of health and well-being, the whole world is living longer.

What may appear to be unrelated and a rather obscure solution for looking after our senior members of society, the AVA Smart Switchboard is fast becoming the backbone of Assisted Living.


It is well understood that we are creatures of habit and tend to do the same things on a consistent basis.  And because a Smart Switchboard can learn patterns of human behavior through the way an individual lives in their home by learning how electricity is used, it can start to create a profile of what is normal and what is not.


Unlike wearables, which rely on the occupant putting it on, or sensors around the home, which are reported to feel invasive, the Smart Switchboard is a simple and innovative way of keeping track.


But the true value lies, not just in monitoring energy use, and how that relates to behavior, it is the fact that it is a necessary piece of home hardware; uniquely positioned to be a centralized hub for all the latest technologies.


Rather than being an alternative to these other products, which all have intrinsic value, the Smart Switchboard forms the backbone of a comprehensive monitoring environment.


Because everything runs on electricity or has communication capability, the home switchboard is the ideal epicenter of activity; where all aged-care related services and products can be collated.


To an electrician, the replacement of a switchboard is a simple and relatively regular part of what they do, so why wouldn’t you put in a smart version that future proofs a home and puts the structure in place to solve this problem?


By putting AI and communications in a home electrical switchboard, where all of the home care parameters also reside, you are effectively creating the ultimate home care environment. 


It can send notifications, request service companies to check in on the occupant, and even provide specialists with health-related profiling.


Psychologists and Health Care professionals are starting to determine the condition of an occupant based entirely on how they move about their living environment.


From more frequent late night bathroom visits, indicative of urinary tract conditions to extended periods watching TV which could be the onset of depression; the interrelationship between energy and occupant tells its own story.


But probably the most important aspect of this concept is that it delays the need to put our elderly or infirmed individual into commercial care facilities. Reports show that it is an important factor for seniors to maintain their independence and so being able to keep them in their own homes for longer is a big win for everyone.

Age in Place

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