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High Density Residential

Community Care with AVA - The Smart Switchboard
People First with AVA

Social Enterprise at it's best

With AI monitoring systems built into the fabric of our high density buildings, a range of products and services will start to emerge as a result of new data sets that taps into the humanity of the surrounding areas.


Most notably, it can enable services related to social enterprise.  These types of business operate for social or environmental purposes, rather than solely for profit.


Social enterprises aim to address societal issues and create positive social change while also generating revenue to sustain their operations.  All of this is possible with the kind of data that AVA can provide.

Social enterprises work in the community in a variety of ways. Here are some examples:

  1. Providing employment opportunities: Social enterprises may offer employment opportunities for individuals who face barriers to entering the traditional job market, such as people with disabilities or those who have been previously incarcerated.

  2. Addressing social issues: Social enterprises often work to address specific social issues in their communities, such as homelessness, poverty, or food insecurity. They may do this by providing goods or services that directly address these issues, such as affordable housing or healthy food options.

  3. Supporting local economies: Social enterprises may also support local economies by sourcing goods and services from local suppliers, creating jobs, and contributing to the tax base.

  4. Engaging in community development: Social enterprises may be involved in community development activities, such as investing in community projects, collaborating with other local businesses, or sponsoring local events.

The overall, social enterprise is an important part of the community ecosystem, providing both economic and social benefits while working to address some of the most pressing issues facing our society.  Part of our plan is to help develop and support these types of services through the use of the data we generate

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