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Dr. Tan Jit Seng Speaks at The National Library

Deploying Smart Technology to the Elderly & Living-alone to Assist in their Wellbeing

Singapore, October 26, 2022, ElecNet in conjunction with the National Library Board (“NLB”) and Singapore University of Social Sciences (“SUSS”) supports how can we make the journey of ageing a much better one.

Dr. Tan Jit Seng, ElecNet’s Chief Medical Officer, presented a very informative talk on the role that smart electrical switchboards play in the household and how these give elderly and the living-alone, who are often times less mobile and income constrained, the ability to track, understand and influence their electricity usage and costs; he further discussed how AI assisted smart electrical switchboards can also detect faulty home appliances, providing pre-emptive warnings for potentially hazardous situations.


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